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Due to the generosity of the Elkhart County communities, we…

Event Canceled

CANCELED: 2020 Nonprofit Leadership Retreat

The Community Foundation is excited to offer the 15th annual Nonprofit Leadership Retreat. This year we will continue to provide interactive workshops, networking opportunities and free time to simply recharge.

Event Canceled

CANCELED: EQ – Increasing Leadership Effectiveness by Venture International

Failure to identify ours and others’ emotional impact creates unintended, negative consequences. Raising your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) equips you to manage your emotions and improve team productivity and relationships. EQ has been cited as a greater predictor of success than IQ.


Using Conflict Productively by Venture International

Conflict in organizations can quickly become destructive to relationships and productivity. Utilize Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict personalized techniques to curb destructive behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace relationships and results.

Developing Resilient Leaders: Managing Stress Effectively by Venture International

Workplace stress is increasing and costly; it lowers morale and productivity. Participants learn concepts and skills to respond to stress with calm, clear thinking, leading to more productive decisions and outcomes.

2019 Annual Celebration

October 17: 2019 Annual Celebration

You are invited! Join us on Thursday, October 17th for the Community Foundation's 2019 Annual Celebration. We hope to fill the room with our closest friends and celebrate this past year of connecting generous people with community causes.

Building Strong Leadership Teams

Engage every individual in building more effective relationships at work.

Understanding All Things Trust

UNDERSTANDING ALL THINGS TRUST can be an overwhelming task, but can prove to be highly beneficial to your clients and you! We will be covering All Things Trust with speaker Mike Halloran.

Aly Sterling – The Board Series

Designed to deliver a real-life education that empowers nonprofit leaders to govern successfully!

Grantwriting for Success

Go beyond the basics of grantwriting with Tamela Spicer. Gather with other grantseekers and nonprofit professionals in this workshop curated to give you the opportunity to develop your grantwriting skills.

Small group discussion

Intercultural Competence: Beyond the Basics

Are you tasked with diversity and inclusion initiatives at your non-profit organization? Are you looking for resources to more effectively lead teams rich in cultural differences? Do you need assistance with engaging partners and clients from other social backgrounds?

The Golden Dome

University of Notre Dame: Money for Your Mission

Notre Dame will be hosting a 6-day certificate education program entitled "Money for Your Mission." This program provides a comprehensive overview of fundraising for full-time professionals and/or volunteers working in the nonprofit sector.