It can be lonely at the top. But we are here to remind you that you are not alone. We are bringing back our Coffee Talks for an exclusive conversation with presidents, CEOs, and executive directors of nonprofits serving Elkhart County.

This coffee talk discussion will focus on connecting you to your peers, all of whom are here to share their insights and to learn from one another’s contributions. Dr. Dino Signore will facilitate discussions around these three questions:

  • During the COVID pandemic—what is the most pressing issue stretching me as a leader?
  • During the COVID pandemic—what strategies are working for me and my organization?
  • During the COVID pandemic—what am I doing to keep my employees safe and engaged?

Dino Signore Ph.D. is a professional facilitator who has worked with numerous EOS Implementers as a facilitation coach. He holds a doctorate degree in Business Psychology and has deep experience with growth-oriented entrepreneurs in relation to leadership, strategic thinking, and organizational development.

Event Agenda

The Community Foundation of Elkhart County is focused on improving the quality of life in Elkhart County by inspiring generosity.