We all know that one of the fastest ways to attract, retain and inspire donors is through the execution of an authentic and systematic stewardship program.  We also know it’s more cost-effective (and logical) to work to retain current donors than invest in creating more.

So why aren’t we doing it?

If you are feeling stuck and uninspired with your current program or just need a little refresher on stewardship principles, join us for this workshop.  We’ll start with an assessment of your current stewardship initiatives and teach you how to design an integrated and mutually rewarding stewardship program.  We’ll review the best ways to involve your board and connect with different generations.  We’ll also review the current research on donor behavior and motivation.

Participants in this session will:
  • Learn best practices for stewardship and recognizing donors
  • Understand the data beyond donor motivation, giving and trends.
  • Create a custom transformational donor stewardship plan for their organization.
This workshop offered by The Learning Center is for leaders of nonprofit organizations in Elkhart County or those serving Elkhart County.

About our speaker:

Emily Croak, vice president of Aly Sterling Philanthropy, is an experienced coach and facilitator with a passion for helping clients discern their strengths and weaknesses and connect their vision with clear and actionable strategies.

Her work at ASP has been focused on leading large-scale fundraising campaigns and first-of-their-kind engagements for one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers. At the same time, she has helped a variety of nonprofits develop annual fund programs and major gift strategies that strengthen relationships with stakeholders and raise more money.

Emily is a regular presenter of fundraising and board governance workshops and has facilitated salon dinners – events that bring industry leaders together for directed conversation about social impact topics – around the nation.

Before coming to ASP, Emily worked for a national leader in skilled nursing services. There, while managing employee engagement and leadership programs, she developed an understanding of the psychological side of business – how to marry employees’ interests with best practices and leadership skills to further an organization’s mission.
Event Agenda

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