Our five senses can be a gateway to peace.

Whether it’s feeling overwhelmed due to expanded workloads, feeling anxious adapting to a constantly changing workplace and world, feeling stressed out and then taking it out on those we care the most about, and/or even feeling hopeless about ever returning to a normal life — there is relief! Being in non-profit service,  we often have the biggest hearts for those in need;  giving constantly without remembering to fill our own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual gas tanks back up. Give yourself the gift of time and nurturing for you! Learn quick, simple practices for your personal well being right at your fingertips. You have all you need within you to find peace in turbulent times.

This experiential workshop will be guided by local wellness practitioners from Ray of Light Holistic Health. Julie Cotton will lead the workshop. Julie describes how she got into acting and movement this way: “When I was 9 years old, a troupe of touring actors came into my middle school in Phoenix, AZ and transported me to a world of Make-Believe – sets, costumes, music, characters and transformed my school gymnasium into a whole world of possibilities! That day I declared, “I wanna do THAT when I grow up!” Twelve years later, I worked for THAT company and toured with them for 5 seasons bringing theater arts into the lives and minds of youth all over the Southwest! I saw the tangible power that confidence, clear vision, creativity, and unlocking the imagination of my inner child could have in my life! When do we stop allowing that inner child to create worlds on our behalf? My vision is to inspire people to DREAM and PLAY again- specifically by putting practical tools into their hands, hearts and minds that connect them directly to their most creative inner Self. How I do that is through Improv Technology.”

Julie Cotton



Event Agenda

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