The Community Foundation of Elkhart County is pleased to partner with Dr. Marcus Fila to present “Bringing People Back: Designing Your ‘New Normal’ for Post-Pandemic Work”

Please join us for an opportunity to review your “old normal” and design your “new normal.”

Your core organizational values may not have changed due to COVID-19, but expectations around work have. The struggles of many companies to get people back to the office are well documented. However, for optimal performance, maximal employee motivation and to avoid unwanted turnover (which is hugely expensive at the best of times), it is critical to balance returning to the workplace with continuing what worked during the lockdown. This can be harder to accomplish than it sounds, particularly given day-to-day goal urgency. This workshop is designed specifically to help you accomplish this in a way that gets buy-in from your employees.

Why this is important and timely:

  • During Covid, your staff has adjusted how they work to reach key objectives. Your management of them has probably changed in some ways.
  • Some new best practices have likely emerged; but if everyone simply returns to the “old normal” these will be lost.
  • You don’t want good employees to leave.
  • The lens of job design will help you square the “old normal” and covid-era practices, for a positive “new normal,” building commitment and retention.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are an organizational leader, or manager, whose employees have continued working (remotely) during the lockdown.
  • You are a prominent employee within your organization who has found new ways of working during the lockdown.
  • You are a human resources leader responsible for the selection, hiring, and/or training within your organization.

About our speaker:

Dr. Marcus C. Fila is a professor, speaker, and management consultant on work stress and surrounding issues of well-being and strain, job satisfaction and motivation, and employee retention. He is a faculty member in the Department of Economics and Business at Hope College, Holland, Michigan.

Marcus’s interest in work stress developed while undertaking business development positions in the US and UK. Specifically, in a London-based marketing media position, he interviewed company CEOs about how they built their organization, or guided it through a major transitional period. He also headhunted senior accountants, IT professionals, and engineers for his clients; often by addressing their work stress concerns.

Continental breakfast will be provided. Masks are required at the Elkhart Health & Aquatics Center.


Event Agenda

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