Grantee Reports and Checklist

If your organization has received a grant from the Community Foundation and the project is coming to completion, there are a few steps left to wrap up your grant.

*Multi-Year Grantee: If you have received a multi-year grant, a grant report and site visit are required yearly, prior to your next distribution, and one year following your final distribution.
*Challenge Grantee: If your organization was awarded a grant on a challenge basis and you have raised your portion of the challenge, you are required to provide the Community Foundation with support documentation of your success. This may be in the form of documented volunteer hours, in-kind gifts, donor contributions, and other possible support (requirements may vary depending on grant stipulations otherwise indicated by a grant committee). Please contact your respective team member (see below: site visit contacts) on the best option for providing your support documentation. Subsequent to your grant distribution, a report and site visit will need to be scheduled to conclude your grant.

  1. Complete your grant report online.
  2. Schedule your site visit.

    To schedule a site visit, please contact your program area team member.

    Career Pathways: Samantha Lambert;

    Placemaking and Kids & Families: Karla Copenhaver;

  3. Communicate your success. To best engage your clients, donors and community, tell them about your accomplishment! For assistance on press releases, social media, and downloading the Community Foundation’s logo, visit our online Press Kit.