Community Investment Grants

Community Investment Grants (CIG) address youth development, vibrant community or quality of life issues with a 2-stage application process and are for requests of $10,000 or greater. Submissions are reviewed by volunteer committees and are awarded twice a year.

Grant details
Requests of $10,000 or greater
Addressing Youth Development, Vibrant Community or Quality of Life Issues
Requests include a 2-Stage Process: Letter of Intent and Full Application Process
Available semi-annually (Spring and Fall Cycle)
Eligible Organizations

  • 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization
  • A nonprofit organization serving the people of Elkhart County
  • Current on all reports due to the Community Foundation


The Community Foundation discourages organizations from attempting to receive funding from separate grant pools in the same year (example: Rapid Response, Good Neighbor and Community Investment Grants). Program staff monitor and cross-reference all requests, and may ask an organization to choose which request should move forward.

To Apply

The mandatory Letter of Intent is the first stage of the online application process. Organizations must submit a Letter of Intent to be eligible to complete the full application process.

  • Spring Award Cycle: Letter of Intent available October 1 – November 1
  • Fall Award Cycle: Letter of Intent available April 1 – May 1

The Letter of Intent is now closed for the Spring Award Cycle.


Shannon Oakes

Senior Program Officer
Vibrant Community and Quality of Life

Karla Copenhaver

Program Associate
Vibrant Community and Quality of Life

Amanda Jamison

Program Officer
Youth Development and Scholarships

Samantha Lambert

Program Associate
Youth Development and Scholarships