Rapid Response Grants

Rapid Response Grants address sudden, unanticipated and unavoidable challenges that, if not addressed immediately, could threaten an organization’s stability and/or ability to achieve its mission.

Grant details
Requests not to exceed $10,000
Email application process
Typically reviewed within 48 hours
Processed within 2 weeks
Eligible Organizations

  • 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization
  • A nonprofit organization serving the people of Elkhart County
  • Current on all reports due to the Community Foundation


The Community Foundation discourages organizations from attempting to receive funding from separate grant pools in the same year (example: Rapid Response, Good Neighbor and Community Investment Grants). Program staff monitor and cross-reference all requests, and may ask an organization to choose which request should move forward.

Eligible Rapid Response Requests

Natural Disaster

Fire, flood

Theft or Damage

Equipment required to operate core programs


Which causes facilities to be inaccessible or programs unable to be operated until resolved

Unexpected or Impending Failure

Equipment which could threaten an organization’s ability to provide programming or services

Ineligible Requests

  • Replacing a gradual loss of funding/declining donation income or lost government funding.
  • Providing interim funding while waiting for government reimbursement.
  • Starting up new programs
  • Church buildings and grounds (exceptions may be given for daycare ministries)
  • Addressing problems resulting from an organization’s failure to adequately plan or exercise duty of care. (Examples to consider: 1) waiting until a lease expires before trying to locate alternate space, 2) relying on a small number of donors for support without having developed a diversified plan to sustain programming, 3) failing to pay taxes, 4) running operating deficits over multiple years, 5) not anticipating construction contingency costs, 6) failure to plan for maintenance costs and or replacement costs of existing equipment.)
  • Food requests

To Apply

Shannon Oakes

Senior Program Officer
Vibrant Community and Quality of Life

Please send us an email with
the following information:

1. Your Name
2. Your Title
3. Organization Name
4. Your Email
5. Your Phone
6. Organization Tax ID#

7. Total Project Cost
8. Amount Requested
9. Name of Your Board Chairperson
10. Chairperson Phone
11. Brief Description of Nature/Need for Assistance
12. Explain Why a Quick Response is Needed, and why the Usual Procedure is not Possible/Appropriate