John and Carole Ulmer

Their gift: Cash

Indiana State Representative John Ulmer and his wife Carole are among the newer donors to the Elkhart County Community Foundation. Both John, a partner in the Goshen-based law firm of Yoder, Ainlay, Ulmer & Buckingham, and Carole had long heard of the ECCF’s good work from his partner George Buckingham, a former chairman of the ECCF Board of Directors.

“A number of people in our circle of friends also spoke highly of the impact the Foundation has made in our communities,” Carole says. “Gifting through the ECCF keeps monies here, locally, in the county. That’s important to us.”

It was with these thoughts in mind that Carole suggested making a charitable gift through the ECCF. Their gift was in the form of cash, the simplest and most popular type of donation. After talking with the ECCF development staff, they established a donor advised fund that allows them to be more involved with their gifting.

As a State Representative, John understands the county’s needs, as well as regional issues that affect men and women throughout the county. He and Carole know that their gift will never be spent but will generate income for grants from interest earned on pooled gifts. These grants benefit the many deserving not-for-profit organizations throughout the county, addressing current and emerging needs.

With an appreciation of the ECCF’s leadership, experience and solid fiscal stewardship, John and Carole feel comfortable entrusting the Elkhart County Community Foundation with their gift.

They know their gift will make an impact. They know they will be making a difference.

Catherine Wells-Bentz

Advantages of a gift of real estate (a home, undeveloped land or business property):

  • Ease of Giving
  • Combine multiple gifts to establish a fund
  • Receive a federal deduction
  • Reduce the size of your estate