Mike Hammes

Northern Indiana retired businessman and community leader

Field of Interest Fund

Because of his involvement with community not-for-profit organizations, Mike Hammes was keenly aware of the growing needs of northern Indiana senior citizens in the late 90’s.

Then district president of KeyBank, Mike notes that, like other community-minded financial institutions, KeyBank “was very philanthropic, returning significant amounts of monies back into the community.  Rather than being reactionary to needs, we thought it wise to be strategic in what we could do, focusing on a meaningful need that would strike a chord with others who would respond.”

Through his efforts and those of other bank employees, KeyBank Foundation contributed $50,000, to be matched by the ECCF, to establish the Care for Senior Citizens Fund, a special Field of Interest Fund created to be lasting—and growing—gift to assist the underserved elderly.

Why make such a gift through the ECCF?  “To target our monies, to attract attention for giving opportunities and to know our fund will be well cared for,”  Mike says.  “This was a starting point for making positive change and stimulating others to do the same.”

Catherine Wells-Bentz