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The grant portal is a one-stop tool to shop grants, apply, track the progress, and communicate with the foundation easily.

In preparation for our new fiscal year, and an updated grant application, the application portal for all grants will be closed from June 29 – July 10.  Grant committees review requests over $25,000 twice a year. Grant application deadlines for committee review are August 14, 2020 and February 14, 2021.  Applications for requests under $25,000 are received and reviewed on a weekly basis. 

Grant Portal Features

  • Following a conversation with a Program Officer, submit an online application 24/7.
  • A single application makes you eligible for a grant of any size.
  • A decision could come in a few weeks.
  • Volunteer committee members review grant requests of $25,000 or more and use a rubric to make decisions.
  • Staff members review requests of less than $25,000.
  • The process is simple and efficient.

The Learning Center

The Learning Center is the wing of Community Foundation that is dedicated to strengthening our nonprofit partners.

Knowledge Base

Coffee Talk: Fundraising in a Crisis with presenter Aly Sterling (VIDEO included)

Aly Sterling will help nonprofit leaders navigate fundraising in a crisis with this Coffee Talk of the Community Foundation of Elkhart County.

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Building Strong Leadership Teams

Engage every individual in building more effective relationships at work.

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Upcoming Events

2021 CEO Retreat

2021 CEO Retreat

The Community Foundation hosts leaders of nonprofit organizations in Elkhart County at an annual retreat. We are thrilled to offer…

Grant Process

Community Investment Grants are made available from our unrestricted pool of resources. Grants are funded in support of projects or programs which address our three priority areas with the ultimate goal in mind of improving quality of life for Elkhart County.

Grant Database Benefits

Simply review the requirements to receive a grant, submit your grant application through our online application process that addresses one of our priorities areas, and you’re off and running. A member of our team will contact you in 7-10 days. If your grant falls below $25,000, it will be decided in less than 6 weeks. If it’s more than that, you’ll know in 2-6 months.

Grant Portal

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Did you know?


Organizations classified as non-profit tax-exempt public charities by the Internal Revenue Service. Most will be identified as a 501(c)(3), however, a few other institutions such as public entities, Schools*, Municipalities*, Libraries, and Chambers of Commerce may also qualify. (*) Due to the number of departments, schools, and clubs within each school corporation and our municipalities; the Community Foundation requires all applications be approved by the highest ranking official within your governing body (i.e. superintendent’s or mayoral office) before an idea application may be submitted.

Story Highlight

A passion-powered impact

Remember that hefty chunk of time and talent Gary gave to the Lusher Dump project? He poured his heart and soul into what became the Elkhart Environmental Center. Through the years, that project has been the beneficiary of grant funds from a number of sources. The Community Foundation of Elkhart County leads among those sources in its effort to make Elkhart a more vibrant community.


Helping you find the right one

Looking for a nonprofit that aligns with your passions and pursuits? Use our Nonprofit finder and search our database of nonprofits in Elkhart County!

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