Oscar Schricker

Founding ECCF Director, one of many with a dream

According to Oscar Schricker, “a lot of people had foresight and saw the possibilities…”

While vacationing in Naples, Florida in the mid-1980s, Elkhart County resident Oscar Schricker observed people being approached for financial contributions by the local community foundation. Thinking about the abundant wealth in Elkhart County, he and friend Jim McNamee began talking about the possibility of forming a community foundation in our county.

Each talked to colleagues and friends, including Bill Myers, who became the first president of what was to become the Elkhart County Community Foundation, and Dr. John Foreman, who generously made the first significant contribution. Others who became founding directors were Charles Ainlay, Jon Armstrong, Lehman Beardsley, Wilbert Budd, Arthur J. Decio, Samuel Hoover, William Johnson, Lee Martin, Richard Pletcher, Laura Rydson and Thomas Warrick.