100 Women Who Care Gives $10,000 to Pregnancy Clinic and Family Resources Facility

RETA is the most recent recipient of the women’s social philanthropy organization

Thursday, October 7, 2021

ELKHART — A new facility for RETA could open as early as spring 2022 and a $10,000 grant from 100 Women Who Care will help make it possible.

RETA, a pregnancy clinic that provides family resources, is in the process of building a new facility in downtown Elkhart for its clients. This new building will allow services to be more accessible, so RETA can better serve their clients. The women who attended the July meeting of 100 Women Who Care heard the passionate nomination from Shelley Virgil, an active member of the organization.

Virgil has nominated RETA once before and has always had a special place in her heart for the organization. She was thrilled when she heard RETA won the vote and would receive the donation. “I felt like with this building project in the works that this would be a perfect time for them to receive this donation. They are a very worthy recipient of the donation and do so much for our community,” said Virgil. “It was an honor to tell the exciting news to Roxana Konopinksi, the executive director.”

RETA had a match in place from a donor, and receiving the $10,000 helped them to be closer to their match. Rod Tackett, the Advancement Director at RETA, said the donation from 100 Women Who Care will help pay for the new facility, allowing more confidentiality for clients and accessibility on one floor. The Community Foundation of Elkhart County had awarded a $1 million challenge grant over three years to the organization’s capital campaign.

“We hope that when clients walk into the new building, it won’t just be a medical facility, but it will feel a little more warm and welcoming,” said Tackett. The new facility will be able to allow all their services to be used at the highest potential.

The donation from 100 Women Who Care will help pregnant women and families have a place to go to get resources for them in a time of need. It’s one more way the philanthropic group reaches into the community to open doors for others. “This will help so many people over so many years,” said Virgil.

Representatives from RETA and 100 Women Who Care gather for a photo marking the donation of $10,000 in front of the construction site of the new facility. Those pictured are (from left) Rod Tackett, Roxana Konopinski and Shelley Virgil.

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