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We are focused on helping our children get a strong start.

To improve the living experience for Elkhart County citizens through safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments, with a focus on impacting children birth to age 8.

Area of Emphasis:

  • Early Childhood Development & Education


  • Parents
  • Vulnerable population
  • Youth & Mentoring

Where We Invest

Early Childhood Services

Mentoring & After-School Programs

Parental Support

Social Services

Summer Programs

Youth Programming

Story Highlight

Walnut Hill



It’s 6:40 on a Monday morning and the Bergholz’s home is already in full motion. Sarah’s hair, still dripping from her shower, leaves an imprint, growing on her maroon scrubs top.

Someone takes excessively long steams in the morning before she gets up, despite her constant refrain to stop. Her broken, green Revlon pressed powder compact has seen better days, but she applies it conservatively to both cheeks and lightly taps the tip of her nose. David squeezes behind her and makes his way to the opposite end of the mirror. He opens a black jar of pomade and applies it to his fingertips. A few tugs at his slightly-receding brown hairline and he seems contented.


The idea application


We have decreased the amount of time it will take you to apply, just submit your application through our brief online application to our grants team.


Our team will sort through the application, put it in the right category, and get back to you in 7-10 business days.


Your application seamlessly moves through our system and we'll be in touch with you concerning next steps.

Tips for Grant Seekers



Our grant response team has put together a list of frequently asked questions that our grantees have during the process. Take a look through those questions before you contact the support team.

Organizations classified as non-profit tax-exempt public charities by the Internal Revenue Service. Most will be identified as a 501(c)(3), however, a few other institutions such as public entities, Schools*, Municipalities*, Libraries, and Chambers of Commerce may also qualify.

(*) Due to the number of departments, schools, and clubs within each school corporation and our municipalities; the Community Foundation requires all applications be approved by the highest ranking official within your governing body (i.e. superintendent’s or mayoral office) before an idea application may be submitted.

Our Team

Our program officers are available to help answer questions, give feedback, and help shape your grant request to be sure you have the best chance to serve Elkhart County in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Candy Yoder
Chief Program Officer

As Chief Program Officer, Candy Yoder oversees all the grant making processes at the Community Foundation of Elkhart County and…

Amanda Jamison
Senior Program Officer

As Senior Program Officer at the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, Amanda Jamison supports efforts to improve career advancement and…

Samantha Lambert
Associate Program Officer

As Associate Program Officer, Samantha Lambert works to connect students with the array of scholarships available from the Community Foundation…