Dr. John W. and Margaret B. Foreman Scholarship for DePauw University

The Dr. John W. and Margaret B. Foreman Scholarships were established in conjunction with DePauw University.

Eligibility Requirements: 

  1. A resident of Elkhart County a minimum of one year
  2. Goshen High School graduating senior (preference)
  3. Student accepted to DePauw University, to attend in the coming fall
  4. Students must have a financial need
  5. A student pursuing a degree in education (preference given, but not mandatory) 

Awards: This scholarship awards one new recipient every four years, including 2024, 2028 and beyond.  This scholarship is a four-year award.  The recipient is awarded approximately $11,500 a year for tuition and $800 a year for a book stipend from Community Foundation. This award may be supplemented by DePauw University through its need-based and academic scholarship opportunities.