Summer learning grants being offered to help Elkhart County youth

Grants being offered to help Elkhart County education providers offer summer opportunities.

Community Foundation of Elkhart County and Crossroads United Way serving Elkhart, LaGrange and Noble Counties are offering $300,000 to help lower barriers to learning.

COVID-19 has impacted us all and we continue to work together to help those in need.

The children in our community have had inconsistent schedules, were not able to attend school, lost some in person learning opportunities and missed out on spending quality time with their peers.

Grants are being offered to help organizations in Elkhart County help students this summer recover from some of those losses. A year ago, Community Foundation of Elkhart County and Crossroads United Way serving Elkhart, La Grange & Noble Counties worked together to award grants to help organizations meet needs arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The two organizations are again accepting applications for grants funding summer learning opportunities in our community.

“We spoke with several superintendents and they shared the biggest need right now is to provide children quality experiences to help with their social emotional skills,” said Mona Livingston, Director of Community Impact for Crossroads United Way. 

The two organizations have committed $300,000 to help local organizations offer opportunities.

“Families may not be able to send children to summer camps for a range of reasons so we hope that our local educational providers will find creative ways to meet needs using these grant dollars,” said Amanda Jamison, Senior Program Officer for the Community Foundation.

In addition to offering the grants, the organizations are trying to gather people and organizations to collaborate and hopefully make a bigger impact. The two organizations are interested in supporting collaborative approaches focusing on providing great experiences to strengthen social emotional skills and eradicating barriers that families may face preventing their children from being able to attend these programs.

Grant applications will be accepted through March 31.

Awards will be made in early April so that programs can be in place this summer. Notifications on funding will be made by April 21.

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