Well Foundation Grants

The Well Foundation Grants support community activities, small projects, or programs with a focus on health and wellness serving the people of Goshen and the greater population of Elkhart County.
Grant details
Requests of $1,000 or greater
General online application process
Available annually
10-week review process

Eligible Organizations
  • 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization
  • A nonprofit organization serving the people of Elkhart County
  • Public entities such as schools, municipalities, libraries and chambers
  • Current on all reports due to the Community Foundation

Ineligible Organizations or Requests

The Well Foundation Grants do not support grant requests for individuals, budget deficits / debt reduction, expenses incurred prior to a grant proposal period, church buildings and grounds (exceptions may be given for daycare ministries), requests to support proselytizing (*), political party activities, scholarships for post-secondary education, and policy/lobbying.

(*) Organizations with religious affiliation are not excluded from making grant applications but the project or program must be nonsectarian.

Well Foundation History
For 47 years, Well Foundation worked to assist and support the health and wellness needs of families in the greater Goshen communities. The foundation provided a venue for individuals, organizations and businesses to effectively direct their resources to meet community healthcare needs in significant ways. In May 2016, Well Foundation’s Board of Directors suspended operations and closed their doors. After nearly a year-long assets transfer process, all funds are now held with the Community Foundation of Elkhart County.

By transferring the funds, donors’ intent will remain intact to sustain local health and wellness for years to come. One fund in particular, previously allocated through an unrestricted application process, will continue with a group of Well Foundation volunteers in the capacity of a grant committee process as had been similarly managed. Requests for funding will be accepted annually through the newly named Well Foundation field of interest fund, which supports health and wellness for the people of Goshen and surrounding communities.

To Apply


The application window is not open at this time.

Karla Copenhaver

Program Associate
Placemaking and Kids & Families