Dick and Jo Snyder

Their Gift: Charitable Gift Annuity

“For us, it all comes down to trust.”

For Dick and Jo Snyder of Goshen, charitable gift annuities have become an important part of their estate planning. “By using appreciated equities, we are reducing our future capital gains tax exposure, yet providing a vehicle to benefit from charitable tax deductions now,” Dick says. “The competitive, non-fluctuating rate of income provides great peace of mind, especially during challenging economic times like we’re currently experiencing.”

Charitable annuities provide an income stream for their lifetime while fulfilling their desire to give back to the community. Dick, a retired pharmacist and former owner of Park Pharmacies, and Jo, a retired English teacher, selected funds to reflect their combined commitment regarding the Goshen Boys & Girls Club, the First United Methodist Church in Goshen and the Goshen Hospital and Healthcare Foundation. “We very definitely feel a responsibility to give back,” both agree. “We’ve been fortunate. This area was the right place for our businesses. There were opportunities, and the people supported us. It feels good to return some of that.”

“We also find comfort in knowing that we are being proactive in making estate planning decisions now,” Dick says, “rather than needing to make choices later in life. Some people wait too long… until they’re not mentally equipped to make such important decisions.”

“We knew the Elkhart County Community Foundation was the right philanthropic vehicle for our gifts and to assist us in our decisions,” they add. “It’s a local county entity with trusted people involved – both the ECCF staff and its board of directors. Many of the past directors are friends of ours. For us, it all comes down to trust.”