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for annual updates June 15 – June 30.

Our Community

Elkhart County has a strong network of nonprofit organizations that provide important services in our community. We believe in your work and the impact you have on our community as you address a range of needs and opportunities to grow. The Community Foundation is committed to investing in your capacity and supporting the innovative work being done to transform our community into a place where everyone can thrive. We are grateful for the work you do as you also inspire good.

Grant Opportunities

Grantmaking supports the Community Foundation’s mission – to improve the quality of life by inspiring generosity. Responding to needs and opportunities in the community to achieve the most significant impact over time is the guiding purpose of the grantmaking process.  As a steward of the community’s resources, the Community Foundation desires to support projects that are important to the community.  Donations from the community to a project are indicators of community support and are a factor in funding decisions.  

Grants Description Amount
Community Investment Grants

Application Deadlines: Ongoing

Smaller grants are reviewed and approved by Program staff of the Community Foundation. Grant applications for less than $25,000 are reviewed and awarded within six weeks.

Less than $25,000

Application Deadline: August 15, 2023

Community Investment Grants are made from the unrestricted pool of resources at the Community Foundation of Elkhart County. Grant decisions are intended to support the mission of the Community Foundation — to improve the quality of life in Elkhart County by inspiring generosity.

More than $25,000
Well Foundation

Application Window: August 1 to September 10

The Well Foundation selection committee encourages requests for funding in support of projects and/or programs with a focus on health and wellness serving the people of Goshen and the greater population of Elkhart County.

$1,000 or greater
Bontrager Family Foundation

Application Deadlines: May 31 and October 31

Bontrager family advisors will focus on making a measurable impact on organizations that share the same value system instilled deep into their family heritage, including Christian faith-based organizations, youth and families, the Middlebury community.

Up to $30,000

Applications accepted year-round

The Community Foundation offers sponsorships of fundraising events for nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life in Elkhart County.

Up to $10,000
Emergency Grants

Applications accepted year-round

Emergency grants are intended for sudden, unanticipated and unavoidable challenges that, if not addressed immediately, could threaten an organization’s stability and/or ability to achieve its mission.

Up to $25,000