Together with local philanthropists, the Community Foundation offers numerous scholarships for graduating high school seniors and adults in Elkhart County. Let us help you secure funding for your education or provide you the resources you need to succeed!

Types of Scholarships

The Community Foundation offers numerous scholarship opportunities for adult students, current high school graduates, full-time, part-time, traditional and non-traditional students. All scholarships can be used for tuition and academic fees, but are not available for room and board.

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

Four year, full tuition

Available to graduating high school seniors

3 recipients selected
each year

Nominees not selected will receive the Gundlach Memorial Scholarship


Community Foundation Scholarships

20+ Different Scholarship Opportunities

Available to adults and graduating high school seniors

1 Universal Application Process for all scholarships


John G. Blakesley Mathematical Excellence Scholarship for 8th Grader

Four year, $1,250 awarded each year

Available to graduating
8th graders

Turn in application to Middle School Counselor


Additional Local Scholarships

County-wide Scholarships

Links to local Dollars for Scholars organizations

Awards available from one – four years of tuition

Current Status & Timeline

Below you will find the application deadlines for the scholarships managed by the Community Foundation.

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship
November 2, 2015 Application available
January 8, 2016 Application deadline. High school seniors submit application to their respective school.
Universal Application Process for over 20 scholarships
JANUARY 1, 2016 Application available online
MARCH 1, 2016 Application deadline
John G. Blakesley Mathematical Excellence for 8th Graders
JANUARY 1, 2016 Application available
MARCH 1, 2016 Application deadline. 8th grade students submit application to their respective school.
Scholarship Granting Organization

The Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship program is now available for individuals or corporations who would like to donate to scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs). The Community Foundation is pleased to be a qualified SGO and can receive private, charitable donations. These donations earmarked to one of our Partnering Private Schools will provide K-12 tuition support to students with limited means. With this program, numerous families are empowered with new options in education.


A compelling feature of contributing to an SGO is contributions are eligible to receive a 50% state tax credit and are federally tax deductible. The funds donated can then be distributed to partner schools for families that meet income and other requirements. Up to $8.5 million in tax credits can be awarded over the course of the state’s fiscal year (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016).

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