Episode 4 – Eric Garton on tending Wellfield’s gardens

In this episode of “Eric Garton on tending Wellfield’s gardens,” we plunge into the vibrant world of Wellfield Botanic Gardens, a sanctuary of nature in the center of Elkhart, Indiana. A dream meticulously nurtured with dedication and passion, the gardens now stand as a community heart, uniting people in their shared love for nature. Today, we dive into this fascinating journey of how ordinary spaces were transformed into extraordinary landscapes.

Join Marshall King, Eric Garton, and Kevin Deary as they navigate the lush legacy of Wellfield Botanic Gardens, a testament to what a community vision can achieve. Unfurl the story of Eric Garton, the visionary who champions the gardens, sparking not only growth of plants but that of a community. The combined leadership and expertise of these individuals have paved Wellfield’s trajectory, cultivating a deeper bond between people and their natural surroundings.