Unwanted turnover of the key employees is one of the greatest financial and operational losses in organizational life. Dr. Marcus Fila presents on how to keep good people from leaving your organization.

This session is geared towards CEOs and upper-level executives, strategic human resources professionals, influential employees. The Learning Center offers free educational opportunities for Elkhart County nonprofits and those serving Elkhart County.

Every incident of unwanted turnover costs the organization, on average, between 65% and 200% of that individual’s salary to replace them with an equally or more effective person. There are many reasons why good people leave organizations. A small number of these are outside of the control of organizational leaders. However, there is much that leaders can do to reduce incidents of unwanted turnover. This workshop is designed to help you consider the unnecessary stressors and other myriad reasons why good people leave – many of which are commonly overlooked; and to keep your valued employees engaged, committed, and dedicated.

About our speaker:

Dr. Marcus J. Fila is a professor, speaker, and management consultant on work stress and surrounding issues of well-being and strain, job satisfaction and motivation, and employee retention. He is a faculty member in the Department of Economics and Business at Hope College, Holland, Michigan and founder of Ease Work Stress.

Marcus’s interest in work stress developed while undertaking business development positions in the US and UK. Specifically, in a London-based marketing media position, he interviewed company CEOs about how they built their organization or guided it through a major transitional period. He also headhunted senior accountants, IT professionals, and engineers for his clients; often by addressing their work stress concerns.

This event will be offered virtually via Zoom. The link will be provided after you register.

Event Agenda

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