100 Women Who Care gives $10,000 to Rollerskate to Liberate

May 11, 2021

ELKHART — When 100 Women Who Care Elkhart County gathered in April for its spring meeting, the group made a decision to fund an organization on the move.

Sarah Virgil founded Rollerskate to Liberate in August 2020 and its first event is coming up on June 12. The organization wants to gather advocates, empower survivors, and take preventative action to protect people from sex or labor trafficking. It is partnering with local organizations such as Bashor Children’s Home, as well as national organizations. As volunteers move to raise money, the organization can both prevent trafficking, raise awareness and work with victims.

“Fighting human trafficking also fights other societal issues,” Virgil said. “This happens in all communities, and it hardly ever happens through kidnappings or “stranger danger.” Fighting it is an issue of human rights, equality, and healthy relationships.”

The organization wants to sponsor job training for survivors of human trafficking, as well as offer paid work opportunities and experience for survivors.

On June 12 in downtown Goshen, Rollerskate to Liberate is hosting Move for the Movement, a family-friendly event that will feature activities and education. (Rollerskating isn’t required.)

You can learn more about the organization and its fundraiser at www.rollerskatetoliberate.org as well as its various social media channels.

About 100 Women Who Care Elkhart County
In the summer of 2014, Jenny Welch and Sheila Terlep organized the 100 Women Who Care Elkhart County chapter, a gathering of local women who care deeply about Elkhart County and give generously to see their communities thrive. Over the last five years, more than 200 women have given to the Elkhart County chapter to support local causes. The group has awarded more than $300,000

The 100 Women Who Care is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Elkhart County. www.100WomenWhoCareElkhart.com.

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