Emergency Grants

Emergency grants are intended for sudden, unanticipated and unavoidable challenges that, if not addressed immediately, could threaten an organization’s stability and/or ability to achieve its mission.

Who May Apply

Organizations classified as nonprofit entities by the Internal Revenue Service. Public entities such as schools, municipalities, libraries, and chambers of commerce may also qualify. Please note: the applying organization must be current on all grant reports to the Community Foundation.

The Basics

  • $250 to $25,000

  • 48-hour review

  • Submit your request online

  • Check will be processed within two weeks and as early as within 72 hours of application

Eligible Requests

  • Natural/accidental disasters (fire, flood, etc.)

  • Theft or damage to equipment required to operate core programs

  • An accidental or unexpected occurrence that causes facilities to be inaccessible or programs unable to be operated until resolved.

  • Unexpected failure or immediate impending failure of equipment that could threaten an organization’s ability to provide programming or services

Ineligible requests

  • Replacing a gradual loss of funding/declining donation income
  • Providing interim funding while waiting for government reimbursement
  • Starting up new programs
  • Church buildings and grounds (exceptions may be given for daycare ministries)
  • Food requests (The Community Foundation grant committees respond to food crisis by voluntary means to our food pantries as emergency needs arise.)
  • Problems resulting from an organization’s failure to adequately plan, such as:

    1. Waiting until a lease expires before trying to locate alternate space
    2. Relying on a small number of donors for support without having developed a plan to sustain programming
    3. Failure to pay taxes
    4. Running operating deficits over multiple years
    5. Not anticipating construction contingency costs
    6. Failure to plan for maintenance costs and or replacement costs of existing equipment

Who reviews and makes decisions on emergency grants?

Emergency grant requests are first reviewed by a Program Officer. If a program officer sees a need for further clarification of the request, you may be contacted for additional information. All requests are given equal and fair consideration and are not a guarantee of funding. Decisions are made by program staff with support as needed by committee chairpersons.

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