Henry and Alice Pedersen Educational Fund

The Henry and Alice Pedersen Educational Scholarship Fund was established to encourage the pursuit of education beyond high school, by young people residing in Elkhart County. This purpose is motivated by the conviction that the future well-being of our country depends in large measure upon our young men and women and their ability to secure the advantages of higher education thus affording them the knowledge and skills to undertake the leadership in their communities and to serve others in various fields of endeavor.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. A resident of Elkhart County for at least one year
  2. Graduating high school senior having attained CORE 40 or Indiana Academic Honors Diploma or equivalent
  3. Scholastic Attainment deemed appropriate for the higher education for which a choice has been expressed by the student
  4. Students should have general moral character, industry and tenacity of academic purpose
  5. Students must possess the financial inability to pursue education without assistance from this or similar sources
  6. Such college, university or vocational school selected for attendance by the student must be:
    1. A school generally considered as an accredited school, except in the case of vocational school where formal accreditation shall not be required but the foundation shall satisfy itself that it is a vocational school of good standing in its field.
    2. Operated as a non-profit enterprise and not for the profit or gain of any private stockholder or individual.
    3. Open to any male or female student of proper age, academic, physical, and character attainment upon payment of its customary fees and tuition without discrimination.

Awards: Two awards are given every year in the amount of $1,000 per year for each of four years for a total award of $4,000. Future growth of this fund may allow for an increased number of awards or scholarship amount and is at the discretion of the Community Foundation’s Career Pathways Committee.